(Image description: Risograph print of a graveyard. One figure stands in the centre, in grey with closed eyes and holding a gold bouquet. The figure leans against a headstone. Behind the headstone, a ghostly figure in white holds an arm around the grey figure.)

This beautiful piece of art, ‘Graveyard – Queer Gothic Romance’ was featured in Out For Blood’s 2019 Zine. The image itself portrays many themes of queer horror including longing and a romance defined outside of heterosexual norms. We also love seeing different representations of ghosts! The artist, Hayley Wells (they/them), is a freelance illustrator whose work is often inspired by nature, environmentalism, and vegan food. Hayley talks more about this piece in the questions we asked them below.

What were your inspirations for this artwork?

This piece was inspired by the intersections between my identities as a biromantic demisexual person. It was a way to explore the feelings of having a crush on a woman who I would likely never be able to touch because of societal restrictions, internalised homophobia and my own hesitations.

What materials did you use to create the piece?

The piece was originally painted with emulsion paint, ink and dry brushes. It’s also available as a risograph print in my shop.

What’s your favourite horror movie? (We couldn’t help but ask!)

Favourite horror is a tricky one! I love campy, schlocky 80s horror and anything with good creature effects or transformation sequences – anything from Gremlins to The Thing. That said, my all-time favourite probably has to be Alien.

You can find more of Hayley’s work at: https://linktr.ee/hwillustrator and on instagram at @hwillustrator.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks Hayley! We’ll be sharing more from our 2019 zine soon… We hope you feel inspired to create some spooky submissions for our 2020 zine! We’re looking for submissions on the theme ‘queer horror’ emailed to us at outforbloodcambridge@outlook.com. Deadline for 2020 submissions is June 30th.

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